F*#K CANCER necklace -Benefits charity


First launched at London’s House of Vans on 9th Feb 2019, this limited edition middle finger necklace was created with a very special boy in mind.

Franck was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in October 2018,  a day after his sister Ruby’s 7th birthday.

He presented the text book symptoms. Bruising, nose bleeds, pains and blood spots.

After an initial delay in diagnosis, a return trip to A&E lead to blood tests. And resulted in the family not returning home for two weeks and instead being sent straight to the starlight ward in Bristol Royal hospital for children.

Franck is a typical boy, loud, active and boisterous, with a kind and warm heart. His passions are skateboarding, Harley Davidsons and being like his dad, Paul.  This has knocked him, and his family for six!

Francks  treatment will be a 3.5 year journey.


100% of the profits from the sale of this necklace will directly benefit The Grand appeal, Apollo & Starlight wards at Bristols childrens hospital.

The Hospital and staff offer the best care and support for very poorly children and their parents.

Available in two styles, middle finger pointing up, or pointing down. The chains vary in style and length, majority of them are trace chains.

If you would prefer a particular length, (long or short), please add a note in the checkout. We will do our best to accommodate, but as the numbers are limited it may not be possible.


Additional Information
Finger direction

Finger up, finger down