We recommend having your finger measured professionally if possible. The easiest way to do this is to visit a high street jewellers and ask them. They are usually happy to help, with no charge.  If you are unable to do that, you can order a ring sizer here but please bear in mind this is not as accurate as having a jeweller do it for you. There is no postage fee when purchasing a ring sizer only.

We have heard stories, unfortunately, of some jewellers giving false sizes when they suspect there will be no purchase!

The knuckle is the widest part of all the fingers, so getting a ring over them is an important part, but different fingers determine different ways of fitting at the base.

For the thumb, rings that are less chunky and sit more flush are best, once over the knuckle it should be secure. The index finger however tends to be more fleshy at the base, this means that the ring you purchase will fit rather snug once over the knuckle. Often the ring size may need to be increased by 1/2-1 size to allow you to bend the finger comfortably, especially if its a wider band.

Middle and ring fingers are usually narrower at the base so remember that if it comfortably slips over the knuckle it may be too big at the base and slip up and down the finger below the knuckle. A ring that requires a little pressure to get it over could be a better fit. For the pinky finger we recommend a size that is as tight as comfortably possible as this the finger you are most likely to lose a ring from. If its too tight it can be made a little bigger. Its best to do this than to wear it a little loose and lose it!

Remember, when hands are warm, cold or wet this will affect the size of your fingers and therefore the fit of any jewellery. It also serves well to bear in mind the design of the ring. Bands that are thinner, concave or hollow on the inside wont feel as tight as bands that are wide or sit flush to the finger so sizes should be adjusted accordingly.

If you still feel you need help to determine the size of any rings, or if your ring size is not in stock, or any other of our items, please get in touch

We may be in the process of creating more and can inform of a restock date. The best way to keep up to date with all restocks, new lines and special offers is to join our mailing list. We wont flood your inbox we promise!

If you need to have a ring resized, you can simply send the item back to us by a recorded postal service and we will do so for the first time for free. Any subsequent adjustments will incur a charge. Gold items that need enlarging or bracelets that need extra links will incur a charge. For a quote on cost for gold or bracelet resizing or to arrange a resizing itself please contact us.

Some items that have semi-precious stones or gems may be unsuitable for resizing or may take longer than usual to do so. Other items that are intricate in design may be impossible to resize without jeopardising the design itself. So please check with us first to see what outcomes are available.

*Any items returned to us for refunds, exchanges or resizing MUST be sent using an insured or recorded postal service as we can not be held responsible for any lost or damaged items.