Custom Orders

Here at skin and bone we offer bespoke designs, specialising in, but not limited to, tooth jewellery. Nearly all teeth can be used, and a design can be worked around the shape and condition of the tooth.


We will also carefully whiten the tooth, and more times than not, the final appearance is similar to that of a semi precious stone. Settings can range from rings, earrings and necklaces, options of how we do so are usually only down to the tooth itself. All options and design ideas can be discussed in a consultation when we have the opportunity to view the tooth/teeth.


We welcome both human and animal teeth as long as they are acquired humanely! So if you have your childs first tooth, the dogs front tooth from his encounter with the letterbox or a loved ones pulled wisdom tooth, we can work with it.


Likewise for claws or horns, we will not work with ivory or anything we believe was obtained un-naturally. Here are some examples of jewellery items we have created using a customers tooth:

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